Friday, May 3, 2013

Redwall: The Warrior Reborn

The first Officially Licensed Redwall Adventure game has been announced and it needs the support of fan for creative support and funding. 

Redwall is a series of children's fantasy novels written by Brian Jacques. The series is set in various time periods within the history of Redwall Abdy, which serves at the primarily setting of books. The majority of the characters in Redwall are anthropomorphic animals of some sort, almost all of which can speak and possess most of traits associated with human beings. 

The Redwall Video Game Kickstarter was launched a few days go and if your a fan of the books I highly suggest you become a Backer of this campaign. Before you pledge I have a  word of caution, the Redwall Kickstarter page is a little confusing. The campaign is actually for two related projects: a Minecraft Mod called "AbbyCraft" and the Offifcal Redwall Adventure game. As of right now, most of the page and all of the Backer Rewards deal with the Minecraft Map. None of the Reward levels give out the Adventure game.

I sent a message to the team creating the game, Soma Games, asking for an explanation. Soma said that the Kickstarter is only for AbbyCraft at the monument but the full Officially Redwall Adventure game will be unlocked by reaching Stretch Goals.  Once unlock, the $20 and up pledge level will receive a free copy of Redwall: The Warrior Reborn once released. However, the campaign has no Stretch Goals listed on the Kickstarter page.. In order to clarify this, I suggested that the design team update their Kickstarter page with Stretch Goals. The campaign could be missing out on Backers due the lack of the Adventure in Soma's Kickstarter Rewards.

Being a Banker of this project and a fan of the books, I have a vested interest in seeing this project reaching "The Redwall Adventure Game Get's Made" Stretch Goal. If your a fan of Redwall or just adventure games in general, please give Redwall: The Warrior Reborn a look.