My Projects

DragonSoul for Pathfinder RPG"

"My Homebrewed Campaign Settings"

Write Up: This is a world where Religion and Dragons reign supreme. Because the greatest among the Deities are too powerful to entire the moral realms Dragons are the ambassadors of the Divinity. Each Dragon of the ten orders has a direct link to a specific God within the Cosmic Parthenon and is tasked with enforcing that Deity's will to guide the peoples of the world. It's because of these that the great nations of the known world have their God's Dragon type in leadership rules within there governments. Some orders of Dragons Rule directly over their host counties and others indirectly...but Dragon always have a say.

Religion has a strangle hold on the world and effects all citizens within the great nations on a daily basis. The races chosen by the Divine enjoy great power and prosperity while those not risen are forever denied the Creators or Shadows might. It because of this reason why the earthbound races such as  Humans and the godless practice of Magic are in heavy decline.   

Campaign Info: I posted some of my setting info on this site, just check out the DragonSoul pages.

Campaign Start: I'm going to start running this with my friends from work after the holiday season. I will most extra info and session summary on this blog.   

"Essence Project"

"A New Table Top RPG System and it's Default Campaign Setting that I'm Working on."

This is my most ambitious project. Creating a new Role Playing System with a extremely unconventional default Campaign Setting is proving to be a massive about out work. I've discussed my idea at length with friends and coworkers and everyone agrees it's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to share details of this project on the internet.  

It will most likely use a variation of the d10 dice pool system and will feature "You" as your character. In the "Essence Project," players will be role playing a fictionalized version of themselves navigating through a fantastic yet completely unknown gameplay universe.

Gamma World Mini-Campaign

Write Up: The adventure will take place in the "Glowing Bay Confederation." A heavily populated collection of loosely allied towns and settlements built within the post apocalyptic ruins of a terrain bay side mega city. As the name suggests, the once lovely blue water of the bay has become a highly radioactive soup of glowing green goop thanks to the "Big Mistake." Also as to be expected, all the structures are in various states of "being a ruined death trap;" all but one that is. Within the heart of the once great city is an ancient building fully intact and completely untouched by the extra dimensional cataclysm that befell all the various parallel versions of earth. The building is a mystery to the residences of the neighboring town of "Bright Falls." The structure is completely sealed from the outside world and has so far resisted all attempts of infiltration or destruction by the locals.

Salvaged maps and documents of the time referrer to the build as a "Convention Center" but no one really knows what it is and how it survived the apocalypse unharmed. Up until recently the site was treated as nothing more then a curiosity and cash cow. It brought in tourist from all over the Glowing Bay area. But as of late the fun ambiguity of the pre-gamma building has taken a sinister turn. Small groups of unmutated humans have been coming out of the Convention Center and raiding Glowing Bay communities. Nothing has been made official by Confederation but rumors are flying everywhere. The Glowing Bay Tourism Board and the Bright Fall's better business bureau have both gone on record of stating the rumblings are nothing but outlandish lies started by mutants too poor to visit the site's amazing museum and gift shop. 

The player will take on the role of "local Glowing Bay" mutants who are recruited by a foxy “out of towner” who supposedly has a way in the building. A piece of pre-gamma technology she was able to scavenge from a gang of pure blood humans that attacked and nearly killed her party of adventurer. To add insult to injury, the dirty smooth skins also took all her stuff! But the poor naive girl has no idea the snake pit she walked into when she picked you lot. Each one of you will be in truth working a secret conflicting ulterior goal given by a cryptic allegiance. There are many amoral factions within Glowing Bay that would kill to possess whatever treasures lay in wait within the Convention Center...and you are the sleeper agent for one such group.

At the end of the campaign a winner will be declared. The victor will be the Game Master or the player that fulfilled their "ultimate objective" during the final encounter.

Numenera Short Campaign: The Forever Dream

Write Up: First Tier Numenera Short Campaign with the option to continue playing once the main story is completed. The game is set in a very weird town, even by Ninth World standards. The town is called "Bless" to is residents and by "Jellyvill" or "That wet and smelly village full of floating telegraphic jellyfish." Be to you, it's just home sweet home. You and your group of friend have lived in Bless all your lives so jellyfish, the Forever Dream, and Divine Quests are just business as usual for you. The Sleeping Priests that run the town send you on Divine Quest, normally to gather Numenera, which you complete. You get paid and are allowed to continue living in Bless...these quests are of course non-optional endears. One simply doesn't ignore the will of the Living God "Narcomedusae," the creator of The Forever Dream and giver of immortality!

However, your next Divine Quest is something special. A mission of such vial importance that the fate of the entire town rest in your hands. 

Random Smaller Projects

- Finish Gamma World Fan Fiction. It will star "The Foxy Out of Towner"  who is a major NPC  in my Gamma World Mini Campaign.

- Finish Shadowrun Fan Fiction. The story set in a highly profitable rural agricultural community on the edge of an insanely dangerous magical forest.Azechnology is attempting to buy out the local farmer's Cooperative and it's up to a local hero, Joe "The Bear" Martinez, and his "Shadowrunning crew" (two childhood friends) to stop them. However, Azechnology true plans embroil the team into a dark plot which there is no going back from...Joe's carefree small town life is about to end.    

- Complete Design Document for my "Fallout: The Trading Card Game."It's a very Munchkin-ish game but with a Fallout twist.You and the other player's take on the role of Vault Dwellers who heroically volunteer to leave their home in find a solution to a deadly problem. Your home is on the brink of ruin and it's up to you and your "allies" to fix the problem by venturing out into the wasteland. Each game will have multiple win conditions depending on which Vault your group is representing and you will be cooperatively competing with your fellow Dwellers. All of you want to save your home but their can be only one "Big Damn Hero" that ultimately saves the day. 

Begin work on DragonSoul Short Story. The main character will be a nameless Druid who was recently exiled from his demon slaying clan/family. Unlike most of his class, this Druid specializes in "Cloak and Dagger" warfare. Half a lifetime of being a front line warrior fighting an endless, winnable battle against the immortal hoards of the abyss has thought him to fight smarter rather then harder.