Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pathfinder "Ultimate Campaign" Book is Almost Out

Being an big fan of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, I have the "Pathfinder RPG Ongoing Subscription" on It's a service that pre-orders all the Pathfinder "main series" releases as they come out at the list price. The benefit to the buyer is that I get a free PDF of the book order when it ships.

Yesterday, I received an email stating he following:

In the next week or so, we're expecting to ship Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign (OGL) Hardcover, the next product of your subscription.

It's no the definitive release date I was hoping for but it's still very good news. I've been looking for to this release for awhile now, ever since I read it's going to included updated Kingdom Building rules. This is exciting for me on a personal level because I've Game Mastered the "Kingmaker Adventure Path" before and I love the idea of the player's carving out a new county out of a dangerous wilderness. Unfortunately, my group fell apart right after the start of book two...right when Kingdom Building kicked off.

Some of my Player's complained that they didn't like Kingdom Building. They thought it was a hassle and just wanted to spend our time at the table adventuring in the Stolen Lands. It is my desire that Paizo fixed these issues with Ultimate Campaign so I can try Kingmaker again with the updated Kingdom Building Rules.

 For those of you not interested in running a Kingdom, the book will also offer the following:
  • A detailed guide to generating character backstories, including a new system for random character generation and traits and drawbacks to meld your background with your statistics.
  • Story feats that increase in power as you achieve key goals, making quests and crusades more than just flavor!
  • A complete downtime rules system to flesh out those parts of a PC’s life that take place between adventures, such as running a business, gaining power and influence in a community, or starting a magical academy.
  • New rules for retraining and switching classes; honor, reputation, and fame; young characters; investment; magic item creation; and other key adventuring topics.
  • Mass combat rules to help you lead clashing armies and conduct epic battles in a fun and efficient manner—without losing sight of the PCs themselves.