DragonSoul: Overview

This page is dedicated to "DragonSoul," which is a Homebrew Campaign Setting I'm been working on for a few years now. This campaign originally started out on D&D 3.0 but I've been typing up my hand written notes and converting then Pathfinder RPG. This endeavor is still a work in progress...I will continue to produce content.

Campaign Outline

Epic Fantasy. The ultimate goal for the Player Controlled Party is to change the world. The “Age of Dragons” is drawing to a close and just like times past a great disaster will herald the coming of a new era. The actions of the Player’s will directly affect the final fate of the planet. This will be your character’s eventual destiny but the world will not be saved or destroyed in a single day.

The path to greatness starts by tackling one or more of DragonSoul’s built in campaign problems. Don’t like the fact that Magic is illegal or that earth bound races cannot join the clergy of the Dragon Parthenon? Your group can fix these issues but it’s going to take time and hard work. Along the way your character's true destiny will be revealed.  

Divinity and Deities. There are 15 Greater Gods, 5 each devoted to Good, Evil, and Neutrality; all of which derive there power from unseen beings. These three beings are all powerful and all knowing Overlords that are the ultimate source of all Divine power in the Universe. These three Overlords are believed to have collectively created all of existence and so powerful that morals can not directly interact with them in anyway. There are many theories but exact nature of the big three is completely unknown to all save the Greater Gods. So far, the 15 have kept most of this knowledge to themselves;

The Holy Trinity has many names, the most common are “Creator, Destroyer, and Mother;” “Light Maker, Shadow Spreader, and Life Giver;’” or “Word, Void, and Earth.” Although few of the Faithful would admit it openly, these names imply a natural balance between the Overlords.

The Creator, Destroyer, and Mother are unable to communicate with most sentient beings and are unable to manifest within the known universe so they rely on a hierarchy of Deities to carryout their agendas. Chief among these ranks are the Greater Gods but there are thousand or so of known Deities, all of which work to impose the will of the Three upon the entirety of existence. The Deities, with the exception of The Holy Trinity and The Twins, are all former mortals ascended to Godhood. The Greater 15 were the first chosen, hand picked by the Three themselves. It’s for this reason that they are at the top of the chain of Divinity.

Deities greatly vary in power based on how they ascended and which generation they belong to. First generation Deities were raised by the Three, Second were ascended by First Gen, and so forth. Before being ascended in this manor, the God to be must swear alliance to their ascender. In this way almost all deities, either directly or indirectly through their superiors, serve one of the Three.    

Below is a breakdown of DragonSoul’s Divinity. There are other way to become a God other then the way described but all Deities fit into the below categories.  

Generation        Name/Type                              Maximum Members

1st                    Greater Deities                          15 (5 each for Good, Evil, Neutrality)
2nd                    Deities                                      TBD; 40-ish (0-6 Per 1st Deity )
3rd                    Lesser Deities                           TBD  (0 to 3 for each 2nd  Gen Deity)
4th                    Minor or “Local” Deities           TBD (5 for each 3rd Gen)
5th                    Demigods                                 Unlimited

** Divine Ascension (Requirements: 20th Level Character on 10th Mythic Tier) **
Characters Ascended to Godhood can no longer directly interact with the moral realms

Mythic Tiers                 Name/Type                  Maximum Members

10th & 9th                     Immortals                      Unlimited
8th to 1st                       Mythic Mortals              Unlimited
** Mythic Ascension (As per page 10 of ‘Mythic Adventures”) **

NOTE 1: There are many religions in DragonSoul, the Cosmic Parthenon (Light and Shadow bound) and the Green Faith Parthenon (Earthbound) are the most popular overall.

NOTE 2: Clerics in DragonSoul are not tired down to a single deity. Instead, they pick a "chain of deities" which they derive main of their class abilities from. Each Cleric first picks a Greater Deity (1stGen) and then selects one of the Deities (2nd Gen) affiliated with their Greater Deity.  A Lesser Deity (3rd Gen) and Local Deity (4th Gen) are picked in the same way with one e...these last two can be GM created or Player created with GM approval.

Dragons are Divine Casters. Unlike most pathfinder campaigns, the Dragons in this setting don’t have access to arcane magic.  In DragonSoul, they cast Divine Miracles and play a major role in the Cosmic Pantheon. So much so that many refer to these Gods as the “Dragon Deities."

The “color” of a Dragon tells all who gaze upon them which of the ten Greater Deity they bare allegiance to. Metallic Dragons serve one of the five Greater Deities of the Light and the Chromatic Dragons serve one of the five Greater Deities of the Dark.     

White              "White Corpse"              Copper            "Copper Artist" 
Black              "Black Prophet"              Bronze             "Bronze Arbitrator"  
Green             "Green Tormentor"           Brass               "Brass Pilgrim"
Blue                "Blue Lady"                    Silver                "Silver General"
Red                "Red Death"                    Gold                 "Golden Father"

Dragons are the enforcers of the will of the Gods on the moral realms  because the Cosmic Greater Deities are unable to commute with most morals directly and they cannot enter the Moral Realm  The earth-bound faiths don't have this issue because they reside within the Material and Inner Planes.

In this campaign, Dragons changing forms is extremely rare. The select few Dragons that have shapeshfiting abilities keep it a secret and never revel their true forum to anyone.     

The Church Dominates. In DragonSoul, Religious Factions are akin to Mega Corporations of various Cyberpunk settings. They are largely above the law, command near absolute power within heavily influenced areas, they dominate every aspect of life in most civilized regions (especially large cities,) and they are constantly waging secret wars on each other. Even the good aligned Faiths are not above these power struggles. They openly fight evil/pagan/arcane organizations openly while quietly plotting and skirmishing to increase their own authority, wealth, and Divine power.

As the greater deity’s representatives on the mortal realm, Dragon often occupy positions of great power within Religious Factions and they are notorious for being major players in these so called “god games.”  

Divine Power Restrictions. A character’s race restricts which Divine Power Source they can use which in turn effects which Divine classes they can choose. Each DragonSoul race has one of the following Divine affinity: Light-Bound, Shadow-Bound, and Earth-Bound. Furthermore, in general a character’s race also dictates their greater Deity. However, exceptions can be made. It makes sense for a dwarf that grew up in a Elvin city to worship the Sun God.    

Races not affiliated with the Creator, Destroyer, or Mother are called the Unbound. The people of these races are incapable of taking a Divine Class or using any Divine power/ability. 

Core Races                     Affiliation              Primarily Greater Deity          PFSRD Page

High Elves (Sun)           Light-Bound          "Golden Father"                    Elf
Aasimar                         Light-Bound          "Silver General"                    Aasimar
Dwarfs                           Light-Bound          "Bronze Arbitrator"               Dwarf
Gnomes                         Light-Bound          "Brass Pilgrim"                      Gnome
Halflings                        Light-Bound          "Copper Artist"                     Halfling

Wood Elves (Moon)      Earth-Bound          TBD                                    Elf
"Animal Kin"                Earth-Bound          TBD                                    (Find Animal on List)
Oread                             Earth-Bound          TBD                                   Oread
Ifrit                                Earth-Bound          TBD                                    Ifrit
Sylph                             Earth-Bound          TBD                                    Sylph
Undine                          Earth-Bound           TBD                                    Undine

Drow (Dark)                Shadow-Bound     "Black Prophet"                    Drow
Tiefing                          Shadow-Bound     "Black Prophet"                    Tiefling
Orcs                            Shadow-Bound      "Red Death"                          Orc
Hobgoblin                    Shadow-Bound     "Blue Lady"                          Hobgoblin
Lizardfolk                    Shadow-Bound      "Black Prophet"                   Nagaji

Dragonborn                Light/Shadow-Bound                                          Dragonborn 
Kobold                       Light/Shadow-Bound                                           Kobold

Humans                       Unbound                N/A                                    Human

Note: Level one character's are tried to the Divine Power Source of their chosen race. However, it can be change later on through Corruption, Atonement, or Enlightenment.

PC’s becoming Deities. This game uses the “Mythic Adventures” Variant Rule Set which provides character’s a path to immortality. This system is slightly modified and can be expanded to include “God Level” play and Evolving  Items/DragonSoul Weapons.

Every Deity except for five in DragonSoul are ascended mortals: Creator, Destroyer, Mother, and the Twins.

Magic is Illegal. Arcane Spell Casting is nearly globally banned in all known civilized societies. Those who are caught practicing the art of Magic in areas where the Dragon Deity’s holds sway are harshly punished. The Dragon’s effort to extinguish the arcane has been widely successful but many safe havens and strongholds of magical resistance still exist.            

The reason for this is because the wizards of the second age betrayed the Divine by striking down the two legendary Dragons Bahamut and Tiamat. Bahamut, champion of the Creator, and Tiamat, champion of the Destroyer, clashed in an epic battle to decide which Overgod shall clam dominion over the Mortal worlds. Before a victor could be determined the Magic users intervened. United together, the entire Mage community channeled an ungodly amount of magically energy and unleashed it on the warring Dragons, killing them and causing the second cataclysm.

The Decline of Unbound Races. With Magic outlawed and devastation wreaked by the second cataclysm the unbound races once again found themselves at a huge disadvantage. With no Devine power of there own the Unbound races are at the “mercy” of the Godly races. The Human race has hit especially hard by the ending of the Second Age. So much so that they are commonly believed to be a dying species.

Geography. With Magic the primary planet of the DragonSoul Settings has no official name. It was called “The Green Planet” by off wolrders during the First Age when inter solar system travel was common place. However, the geography has since deistically changed due to the two geography altering cataclysms. The planet was once a single landmass with large fresh water seas. Currently, the world is now a “Blue Planet” with large continents and smaller island spread throughout a massive salt water ocean.    

The World Sea- A massive single body of salt water that completely engulfs most of the surface of the planet.     

Main Continent- Referred to as “The Old Kingdoms” or the “Blessed Lands.” It’s believed to be the homeland of the Greater Deities when they walked the world as mortals and it’s the Continent that has best endured the two age ending cataclysms. It’s also the largest known continent and houses “The Blue Planet” greatest civilizations, both past and present.

To the north is a tundra and a arctic region, to the south is subtropical with dense wetlands and swamps while central has a temperate climate with four seasons. This region is divided between equal parts forest, grasslands, and highlands. 

The Wastes- Located to the south of the Old Kingdoms, accessible either by ship or by a natural land bridge to the main continent. It is a barren dessert with very little greenery or water. It’s sparsely populated, most of its population living in cities build around rare oasis in the dessert or in the dry mountainous regions.

Called the “Forsaken Lands,” this once beautiful continent was revenged by the second cataclysm. In addition to the desertification, the continent is commonly believed to be cursed by the Gods because it’s a dead zone. Spells, Miracles, and all other Divine and Arcane powers and abilities will not function in the Wastes.

Oceania- Commonly called the “Sunken Continent” or the “Million Island Sea.” Located to the East of the mainland, this once great continent was enveloped by the sea during the first cataclysm. It is commonly believed that anyone who preyed to the true gods during the cataclysm were spared from the sinking, thus creating the numerous island chains.   

Theses islands are mostly topical in climate and the larger ones are heavily populated. Few true nations exist in Oceania. The government of choice is island wide city states which serve as trade hubs between the smaller islands and the mainland. These cities are renowned for their wealth and opulence.

The Unexplored- The majorly of the Planet remains a mystery to its inhabitant but rumors persist of unknown lands beyond the sea or hidden in the known world.

-         “The New World,” an undiscovered continent to the west.
-         “The Oriental Lands,” a unknown continent to the east past Oceania which bizarre cultures and customs   
-         “Arcania,” a hidden magically enriched land ruled by Spell Casters. 
      -    “The Underlands,” the known but unexplored realms of the subterranean peoples. 

Cosmology. With Magic the primary planet of the DragonSoul Settings is currently unnamed.

"Upper" Outer Planes

       - The Creator's Paradise: A infinite collection of Sub Planes that houses most of Good side Cosmic Pantheon.

Prime Material Plane

-         Elemental Plane (Sub Planes: Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
-         Spirit Plane (Sub Planes: Dreamscape, Positive Energy Plane, Ethereal Plane)
-         Shadow Plane (Sub Planes: Dreamscape, Negative Energy Plane)

"Lower" Outer Planes

          - The Destroyer's Domain: A infinite collection of Sub Planes that houses most of Evil side Cosmic Pantheon.

Omnipresent Plane

-         Nirvana (The Space within the Planes)
-    Atrial Chaos (The Space Between Planes)