DragonSoul: History

This page is dedicated to "DragonSoul," which is a Homebrew Campaign Setting I'm been working on for a few years now. This campaign originally started out on D&D 3.0 but I've been typing up my hand written notes and converting then Pathfinder RPG. This endeavor is still a work in progress...I will continue to produce content.

Campaign "Working" History 

0- Pre-History

-         Start of Time and Space

-         Formation of the Universe Begins 

-         Cosmic Forces Created; Birth of Light and Darkness

-         The Creator and Destroyer gain Self Awareness

-          Outer Planes are Formed

-         Creator and Destroyer Claim Planes; “Heavens and Hells” Created

-         Creator populates Planes Immortal Beings; Angles and Good Outsiders

-         Destroyer Corrupts Immortals, creating Devils and Evil Outsiders 

-         The First War of Heaves and Hells begins

-         The War is the catalyst that starts the Formation of the Martial Planes

1- Age of Birth (Placeholder Name)

-         Elemental Forces Created; Martial Planes and Inner Plane Fully Formed

-         The Mother becomes Self Aware; Shields Physical World from the War raging on the Outer Planes.

-         Moral Life comes into being to inhabit Material Planes

-         Life evolves, becoming complex Plants and Animals

-         Ten Races gain intelligence and become sentient, each based in a core element
1.      Primordial Dragons (Fire)
2.      Forerunner Humans (Earth)
3.      Forerunner Lizardfolk (Water) 
4.      Primordial Griffins (Air)

-         The Races become aware of the Mother’s existence; Mother makes three promises to her children:
1.      You will always have Free Will within Her Realm
2.      The Material Worlds will be safeguarded from external threats  
3.      Mortal Life will Always Exists

-         Languages are invented and Societies within the Ten Races are formed

-         The Four Great Races claimed territory; dawn of the First Civilization

-         This early Civilization over time advance to a “Bronze Era” level of technology.

-         The Four Great Races Master their control of the elements; Star Gates to other planets and Portals to the Inter Place are opened.

-         Spread of new information rapidly advanced Technology to “Industrial Era”

-         Immortal Outsiders discovered the Material Planes but unable to enter.

-         To appease the Creator and Destroyer, the two Outsider Overlords are permitted limited influence over the moral races as long as they respected Free Will and not physically manifest in Her realm.

-         The two new Religions grew fast and in a few short years The Creator’s and The Destroyer’s followers outnumbered The Mothers.

-         Technology advanced to “Modern Era;” limited travel to Outer Planes now possible.    

-         The War in the Outer Planes ignites on the Material Plane; those faithful to the Light or Darkness fight a massive battle across all the various Planets and Planes.

-         Technology and Mastery of Earthbound Devine Power reaches its zenith. 

-         The ‘All Worlds War” drags for generations until a stalemate is reached.

-         To end the deadlock the Creator and Destroyer broke their agreement and manifested within the Material Plane. This event nearly destroyed the universe, causing a devastating cataclysm throughout the entire Plane. Very few life forms survived. The backlash of the cataclysm forced the two Overlords out of the known universe are created the first two Deities, commonly known as “The Twins.”

-         10 of the most powerful mortals were ascended to Godhood to rule over the Outer Planes in the Creator and Destroyers stead. In addition to the Twins, three more earthbound Deities arose to watch over the Material Plane. The number of Deities numbered 5 each for the Creator, Destroyer, and Mother; balance in the universe was restored.                  
2- Age of Dragons

-         The World of XXXX lied in ruin and all the pathways to other planes and worlds were closed. The Material Plane began to slowly heal itself as the mortal races fought to survive the harsh post apocalyptic environment.

-         The 10 Outsider Deities discovered that as a side effect of the cataclysm is that they have increased control over the Moral Realm. They uplift several tribes of the races, infusing them with their power…granting them Devine Power in exchange for worship. The uplifted races choose one of the 10 Deities to be their savor they where physically changed to help them better survive.

-         These uplifted Primordial Races became the forerunner Elves, Aasimar, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Tieflings, Goblins, Lizardmen, and Orcs. Those dedicated to the Creator became “Light-bound” and those to the Destroyer became “Shadow-bound.” Those that remained loyal to The Mother remained “Earth-Bound.” The races that refused the gifts of the Devine during this critical stage where forever denied access to the Devine. Such races are refereed to as “Unbound.”   

-         This extra control by the Deities came at a heavy cost; the Cosmic Parthenon could no longer commute with Mortals. Due to this limitation, the world was still in chaos despite the God’s gifts. The Gods and Light and Dark search desperately for a solution. The five Deities of Neutrality lived within the physical planes so they were still able to communities freely with mortals. However, they rarely did so.

-         After a millennium, the world was nearly fully regenerated back to a pre-cataclysm environment but with a different geography. The arrangement of the world has been forever altered. The once beautiful green plant with small fresh water seas was turned into a blue world. A few large landmasses within an undrinkable salt ocean.

-         The races rediscovered some of the basic knowledge they had lost and begin building settlements. Nevertheless, the Moral realm remained hostile and chaotic. Still distrustful, the peoples of the world fought endless wars against each other.

-         Towns and small cities emerged from the anarchy but there was still no unity among the races. The peoples of the world remained fractured and belligerent. 

-         The Deities had finally discovered a work around for their communication issue. Dragons, a powerful race of winged lizards that serviced the first age, were found to be especially susceptible to the Light and Dark. So much so that the elder Dragons are able to talk to the Devine directly. Each of the ten Cosmic Deities manipulated the Dragons that chose to follow them, thus creating the ten types of dragons that are known today.

-         Being large, powerful, and now highly intelligent; Dragons made the prefect emissaries of the Gods. In short order each individual race united under one of the various Deities and began forming Civilizations.

More too Come…

3- Unnamed Age (Current Age) 

 More too Come…