Sunday, May 12, 2013

Details Revealed for Upcoming Redwall Adventure Game

Still no word on "Receive a Free Copy of Redwall: The Warrior Reborn" Stretch Goals or Backer Levels but they released Partial Specs:
  • Genre: A 3D Progressive Adventure Game in, around (and under) Redwall Abbey
  • Platform(s): Primary is Mac/PC – probably via Steam. Also a slightly nerfed version on iOS and Android tablets. Consoles like Wii U, PSN or XBLA are realistic options but no commitment there.
  • Characters: Three playable species, current leaders are Mice, Squirrels, and Badgers
  • Gameplay: Heavy on exploration, interaction and puzzles
  • Combat? Yes, there will be combat...just wouldn't be Redwall without it!
  • Hours of gameplay? Why? Do you have to be somewhere?
  • Game Engine: We’re using Unity3D as our game engine. We’ve been using Unity for years and absolutely love it!