Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big News in the World of Shadowrun

First off is that a Shadowrun Video Game is being made called "Shadownrun Returns" by Harebrained Schemes. By the looks of it, it's the first Video in a long while that will do justice to the Shadowrun Table Top RPG. If your like me and you missed out on the Shadowrun Return Kickstarter Campagin you can still pre-order the game for 10% off now:  

More good news, the Shadowrun 5th Edition Preview One is out and availble for download for free on  RPGnow. If you a fan of the game it's a must read. It's only 12 pages long and doesn't have a lot of info regarding the new rule set. Still, is worth a once over if only to read a pretty good Shadowrun Short Story. Here is the download page:

Lastly, a Shadowrun MMORPG is in the works. For all the details, click below: