Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NekoCon 16 Highlights and Photos

As per my post from last week, NekoCon took place Friday through Sunday at the Convention Center in Hampton VA. Unfortunately, due to work and other social commitments I was only able to go on Saturday. Spent almost the entire day a Nekocon and it was great. The Cosplayers were amazing, the gaming was good, and all of the events that I took part in were excellent.

For me, the highlight of the day were the Pathfinder Society games, the free Jonathan Coulton concert, and Cat Scratch Fever dance. For those of you who are unaware, Jonathan Coulton is a musician who writes and plays great geeky songs. He's probably most famous for writhing the amazing song "Still Alive" which played the video game Portal as the credits rolled. Jonathan has a large collection of songs, a few of my favorites are "Code Monkey," "My Future Self," and  "Skullcrusher Mountain."This was the first time that I've seen Jonathan in concert and he put on a great show.

In the Table Top gaming section,  Pathfinder Society of Virginia Meetup Group ran many Organized Play Sessions throughout the entire convention. I sat in  one game with my PFS Character Shamus, Scenario #35-02: The Wardstone Patrol. The setup was very straight forward. The Wardstones that protect the country of Mendev from the demon-infested Worldwound are weakening and as such, more demons are getting through the magical barriers. To handle this new development, Mendev is requiring all Pathfinders operating in the country to serve a brief tour of duty to reinforce line that guards the barrier.

As our required duty the group of Pathfinders were tasked with following a jaded veteran commander on his routine patrol of the boarder fortifications. Not wanting to spoil anything, the commander is kind of a jerk who doesn't help out in combat. Luckily, my group didn't need his help. Except for the first combat encounter which took three hours, we steamrolled past the demons with ease. The story for this scenario was very good. Thankfully, our group did well enough that we avoided the "big twist ending" which I assume would have been a challenging fight.

Lastly, below are some phones I took on my smart phone.

A Dalek and Weeping Angle From Doctor Who

The Two Unnamed Protagonist of "The Journey" for PS3

A Group of Full Metal Alchemist Cospalyers

Female Joker and Poison Ivy from the Batman

"V" from the Movie "V for Vendetta"