Thursday, October 24, 2013

NekoCon 16 Next Week

After what seemed like an eternity, I'm back home and just in time for NekoCon 16. NekoCon is a yearly Anime Convention that just so happens to be very close to where I live. It's the best geeky Convention in the Hampton Roads Area and arguably the best Anime Convention in Virginia. As per there are 5: NekoCon, Ring of Fire Con, Shoboucon, Anime USA, and Anime Mid-Atlantic.  

Having lived in VA for some time now I've been to all these Convention at some point and in my humble option, NekoCon is the best. Anime USA is also really good but it's more of a "Washington DC" Convention, rather then a Virginia one.

NekoCon 16 is shaping up to be another amazing event. Great Cosplay opportunities, interesting panels, great guests, awesome anime shows/movies, and most importantly (to me anyway:) a tabletop gaming room with a ton of sessions planned. My favorite being the Organized Play Sessions being run by Pathfinder Society of Virginia Meetup Group.  Below a few events being held at NekoCon 16 that I'm planning on taking part in:

Panels and Workshops:                                                        Events:
Plus 2 Comedy                                                                    Saturday Night Dance: Cat Scratch Fever
Anime for Manly Men                                                        Art Show                                         
Anime – Whose Line Is It Anyways                                  Karaoke
Becoming a Video Game Writer                                        AMV Idol
Beyond D&D
Character Design                                                               Guests:
Borderlands Q&A                                                              Anthony Burch (Borderlands Writer)
Game Guy’s Game Show                                                  Ashly Burch (Voice Actress)     
Mass Effect as Applied to the Real World (18+)              John Swasey (Voice Actor)

Just FYI, here is the Pocket Schedule for NekoCon 16. Since my early arrive back home in VA was bit of a last minute surprise I probably won't be Cosplaying this year or taking part in any of the official NekoCon challenges this year. Which is fine, I'm very lucky to be attending this year...even if I have to pay the full cover change for not pre-registering.

I'm really looking forward to this Convention, happening 3 days next week starting Friday 01NOV13 and ending on Sunday 03NOV13. I will post photos and maybe a summery of the Convention shortly after the event.