Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pathfinder "Advanced Class Guide" Playtest

Breaking News! I just received in a email less then an hour ago about Paizo's upcoming "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide" They are releasing a Playtest document for this rulebook next Tuesday and Pathfinder Society members like myself are getting a first look at it. The Advanced Class Guide Playtest PDF will be available for download at starting on 19NOV13.

The rulebook is due out next August. This book contains 10 all new classes "hybrids" classes. Each one takes rules elements from two existing classes and blends them together to create a new concept. Below are the currently revealed list of hybrid classes. Check out Paizo's blog for the full details.

1- Arcanist: a mix of sorcerer and wizard
2- Bloodrager: a mix of barbarian and sorcerer
3- Hunter: a mix of druid and ranger
4- Shaman: a combination of oracle and witch
5- Slayer: a blending of ranger and rogue
6- Swashbuckler: a mix of gunslinger and fighter
7- Warpriest: mixing the cleric and fighter
8- The Investigator: blends together alchemist and the rogue (Revealed Today)
9- Unknown
10- Unknown

The best part is that the characters will be legal for  Pathfinder Society Organized Play 
I for one I'm very excited to see these new classes and probably will build a new Society Character or two using the new rules.