Monday, April 29, 2013

Battle Worlds: Kronos

Another day down, and another potentially great is being a reality thanks to Kickstarter!

Battle Wolrds: Kronos  Revisited is a forthcoming  Turn-Based Strategy game for the PC, Mac,Linux, and Web Browsers (for Multilayer only.) Thanks to the completion of the $250,000 stretch goal "Play Anywhere!" it's  also coming out on the iPad, Android Tablet, and Ouya. All backers of the project will have free access to these extra versions.

Battle Worlds will have a strong Single Player Campaign with two opposing factions, the "Yerla" and the Rebels. Each boasting 30 plus hours of gameplay. Other features include single player challenge maps, live muliplayer, asynchronous multiplayer mode, and a map editor for the windows release.

As per Kronos's Kickstarter page, estimated delivery of backer rewards is Dec 2013. The public release of the game will most likely not be too far behind.